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Ed Unger will be speaking at the Winter Music Conference 2013 panel: DIY The New Model for Launching Careers, 3pm Monday, 03/18/13 at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Download the Article specifically written for the panel at https://www.computerproducer.com/diy/

DIY: The New Model for Launching Careers Overview:
In recent years, the internet and social media have provided unsigned artists and small labels with a way to market their music while waiting to be “discovered’ by industry A&R representatives. While most artists still dream of a call from one of the major record or music publishing companies, it is now possible for artists to be proactive by managing their own careers and record sales online. This panel will explore how real this trend really is, which specific “Do-It-Yourself” methods (“DIY”) artists have been using, whether artists are actually making money using these methods, the legal pitfalls of doing so, and whether anyone at the major labels is taking these methods seriously when they consider new talent.

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