Ed Unger

Driven by his passion for music, creativity, and business, Ed Unger has built his career on bringing people together through a shared love of music.  As a curator of professional events, he has a reputation for crowd pleasing performances that bring instant energy to the room.  As a progressive house composer, he creates music that resonates on a deep emotional level with listeners. He has also dedicated himself to education and community building, hosting workshops to teach young people the joys of creativity.

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, Ed’s musical journey began with his first acoustic guitar. He spent his high school years bouncing from band to band, exploring the underground rock music world.  That would eventually lead to his discovery of the rave scene, which opened his eyes to electronic music.  He dove deep into the genre, learning production and performances techniques which would lead him to the next step of his career.

Having outgrown the local scene, Ed wanted to move to a city with a major music industry, and decided Atlanta would be his new home.  It was a major life transition, and it wasn’t always easy, but within a few years he had built a professional quality home studio and began releasing music.  He also used this time to begin hosting workshops where local aspiring musicians could learn about songwriting and audio engineering.

As he continued to expand his diverse knowledge of genres, Ed also used this opportunity to get started in internet marketing and education.  He began focusing his energies on an online training program for electronic musicians called the Computer Music Production school, which became highly in demand, with students from all over the world.

In recent years, Ed has shifted his focus back to live performance.  With his deep knowledge of mainstream and underground music, he has established himself as a top flight curator for private events, corporate events, and night clubs.

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From DJ sets, DJ live, to Live Remixing and designing a music experience for events, Ed offers DJ and Live services for a unique night of entertainment. Sets include tracks and remixes with uplifting emotions to give your event the energy and chemistry for your audience to connect and have a great evening. He has performed DJ live with beats, vocals, guitar including collaborations with additional vocal, guitar, violin, flute, harmonica, saxophone, percussion artists.

Ed will coordinate with your team to understand your event goals, audience, style and design a musical experience that will match the right music to your event’s branded experience. Booking


Inspired in 2004, ‘Mercy, Justice, Purity‘ became Ed Unger’s Electronic Music debut album described as ‘Alternative Soul’ mixed with Electronic, Dance, Rock, and unusual subject matter released under the moniker EDIT. This is the original bio and write up for the album when it was released with another Electronic Album ‘Blue Roses‘ and ‘Crying Wolf to follow:

The name EDIT was actually chosen for him by one of his clients while Ed was cutting and pasting vocal tracks for his client in a recording session and it stuck. Another thing that sticks is his choruses. Fans in Atlanta hear Ed play live solo and acoustic versions at popular venues such as Smith’s Olde Bar and Eddie’s Attic.

EDIT’s music is an ‘Alternative Soul’ mixed with Electronic/Dance, Rock, and unusual subject matter. ‘EDIT’ is an outstanding talent in every aspect of the music business; his songwriting workshops, music training seminars & music school is first class, he’s a partner in the website business (GotchaNoddin.com) who specializes in creating all new sounds and samples for music producers. I have to wonder when he sleeps…”




First Inspirations

Ed started playing acoustic guitar at age 11 and progressed to writing songs and playing in bands by age 16. After playing in bands, Ed worked as a recording engineer in Atlanta, produced hip hop in Atlanta and dance remixes in Miami. After being in the studio for many years, the love of playing songs with only an acoustic guitar and singing began to rekindle.

Currently Ed is performing some of his favorite songs with DJ Live sets while also in the studio recording new house music for upcoming releases. Stay tuned to new shows and upcoming events on the calendar page.

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