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Ed Unger is a music producer, singer, songwriter, vocalist, guitarist and a DJ in South Florida. It all began at the age of 11 with a saxophone and an acoustic guitar. By high school, he had been writing songs, playing guitar, bass and singing with bands. His influences ranged from obscure local rock, punk, industrial and attending raves in the mid 90s. During this time, he was also exploring solo music production, programming drum machines and bass lines to play guitar and sing at clubs and coffee houses. Ed was the lead vocalist and guitarist for rock bands, End of End and 6 Degree Drop.

Interesting enough, Ed transitioned into the dance music world. He currently performs house music, chill house, deep house and future house. Ed creates an experience for private parties, fashion shows, art shows and a relaxing poolside feeling.

Currently, Ed is working on new house music production and performing some of his favorite songs and DJ sets in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ed’s music has been heard around the globe, featured on Matt Darey’s Podcast with releases on Toy Robot Records, Made2Dance Records, MK837 Records, Deeplife Records, Tharsis Records and Gratitude Productions.

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From DJ sets, DJ live, to Live Remixing and designing a music experience for events, Ed offers DJ and Live services for a unique night of entertainment. Sets include tracks and remixes with uplifting emotions to give your event the energy and chemistry for your audience to connect and have a great evening. He has performed DJ live with beats, vocals, guitar including collaborations with additional vocal, guitar, violin, flute, harmonica, saxophone, percussion artists.

Ed will coordinate with your team to understand your event goals, audience, style and design a musical experience that will match the right music to your event’s branded experience. View


Inspired by a friend and a tank, Monster Taxi and Ed Unger studied films on M1 Abrams tanks and even spoke with a tank commander to learn the tank lingo. BeShine, who worked with Monster Taxi on Cluck Old Hen, performs the Commander lingo.

Monster Taxi is the alter-ego of Miami music producer and keyboardist Jason Klein. Klein has worked on recordings for several major and indie artists including Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, and Earth Wind & Fire.

Monster Taxi has charted and played all over the world, been licensed to Ministry of Sound and Sony, featured in Billboard, DJ Times, and other charts. In the past year, Klein has mastered and put together compilations for his own label, Toy Robot Records, and for Sony Music and Fania Records. His recent remixes include Eddie Amador, Ultra Nate, Bella Boys ft Kat Deluna, Jenevieve X, and more. https://www.monstertaxi.com Listen

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Andy Sikorski


Andy Sikorski and Ed Unger are a duo that started their inspiration at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. After touring Miami clubs together and talking music shop, a song collaboration formed a new sound between them with the single Shine (Just Because).

The initial idea of a positive song came immediately. What followed was a collaboration that involved an extensive number of arrangement and production revisions to get the song just right. With many great stories and late night sessions, the duo settled on the final tune.

Charged with positive energy, this Big Room House release shines with memorable melodic hooks that morph into euphoric chord arrangements with evolving synth textures. Fueled by driving beats and glitzy vocals of Ed, the track explodes with speaker-shaking drop and memorable lyrics. Firing on all cylinders, this radiant, energy-filled banger pulses with the heat straight from Miami’s night life. https://www.andysikorski.com


This is a collaboration between DJ and Producer DeeFlash and Ed Unger on vocals starting with their first release ‘Love Reigns Down’ on the Sounds of Summer Volume 4 compilation by MK837 Records.

About Deeflash:
Chris “deeflash” Reiche produces his own flavor of tech house, breaks, and progressive house, he has released on labels such as Deeplife Records, MK837, and Uncovered. Chris founded MK837 with his buddies Dave Richards and Kevin Oneel. The goal was simple: create a label that honored the label/artist relationship and focused on respecting the artists and building artists up.

In 2012, Chris released a full length album titled “Sunday Panic” that showcased his talents for creating deep electronic music that still has a place on the dance floor. He then worked with Dave Richards on their J&M project and they released a full length album titled “Masks”, a nine track journey through dark and gritty indie progressive tech house on a classic tip.

Deeflash can be found monthly on Ustream with Preacherman broadcasting their Tapestry nights, a monthly live event featuring some of the best tech house, techno and deep house on the market today. He also has an ongoing series of tutorials on Ableton Live and Maschine available on Youtube. https://www.deeflash.com/ Listen

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The story of two musicians getting together to make tracks is a chain of providential events that started with Dima remixing one of Ed’s tracks. Ed loved the remix so much, that he invited Dima to be a guest on one of the Computer Music Production School radio podcasts to share his love for the music and production techniques. The two became good friends and it was no coincidence that when Dima wrote “Great White Throne” he sent the idea to make the song to Ed. “He has one of those voices that captivates you right from the first note. It’s a deep, powerful voice that draws you into the song and masterfully captures the feeling of the track.

The duo did not stop there and soon after, a new idea for a song came. “I did not think twice who to send the track to for laying the vocals. This time Ed reworked the melody and came up with something magical.” The track is called “Hold On” and is released on MK837 records. Ed and Dima share similar goals in life, their passion for music and the love for their Creator and that’s what makes this collaboration inspiring.


Inspired in 2004, ‘Mercy, Justice, Purity‘ became Ed Unger’s Electronic Music debut album described as ‘Alternative Soul’ mixed with Electronic, Dance, Rock, and unusual subject matter released under the moniker EDIT. This is the original bio and write up for the album when it was released with another Electronic Album ‘Blue Roses‘ to follow:

The name EDIT was actually chosen for him by one of his clients while Ed was cutting and pasting vocal tracks for his client in a recording session and it stuck. Another thing that sticks is his choruses. Fans in Atlanta hear Ed play live solo and acoustic versions at popular venues such as Smith’s Olde Bar and Eddie’s Attic.

EDIT’s music is an ‘Alternative Soul’ mixed with Electronic/Dance, Rock, and unusual subject matter. ‘EDIT’ is an outstanding talent in every aspect of the music business; his songwriting workshops, music training seminars & music school is first class, he’s a partner in the website business (GotchaNoddin.com) who specializes in creating all new sounds and samples for music producers. I have to wonder when he sleeps…”




First Inspirations

Ed started playing acoustic guitar at age 11 and progressed to writing songs and playing in bands by age 16. After playing in bands, Ed worked as a recording engineer in Atlanta, produced hip hop in Atlanta and dance remixes in Miami. After being in the studio for many years, the love of playing songs with only an acoustic guitar and singing began to rekindle.

Currently Ed is performing some of his favorite songs with DJ Live sets while also in the studio recording new house music for upcoming releases. Stay tuned to new shows and upcoming events on the calendar page.

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