About Tour

So I’m excited to announce the Blue Roses Electronic Album Release will be on my birthday, August 24th 🙂

When I started producing and recording a variety of abstract and weird music that formed into the album ‘Mercy, Justice, Purity’ under the moniker ‘EDIT’. It was all of my influences and what inspired me wrapped into one project. I learned so much from that time in Atlanta working with amazing studio clients and figuring out my sound while performing acoustic music in Atlanta.

After the release of Mercy, Justice, Purity I started the ideas and some recording for this project but I never got the chance to finish them. So I decided to do one of those 10 year things and got back in the studio and finished up the project which resulted in the Blue Roses song list.

The songs are a blend of electronic, hip hop beat inspired abstract weird yet fun creativity. I started writing and recording the basic parts of these songs in 2004/2005 and have recently finished up the arrangements and edits to the finals.

Overall I always really loved these songs and just have to get them out of my system so I am free to explore new creativity and emotions of my soul. I really enjoy exploring the darker moody tones that differ from the upbeat dance music I enjoy doing and also the rawness of the acoustic music I do and will have more similar future electronic releases planned that have a mixture of electronic, industrial and sound scape moodiness.

Here is the final song list:
1) Blue Roses
2) Games
3) Brighter Day (ft Nhadyne)
4) Her Sun
5) At Home
6) Night in Orbit
7) The Facts
8) No Tears