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Hit Reply

By Ed Unger

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ED UNGER UNVEILS HIS LATEST MUSIC RELEASE “HIT REPLY” a hard-hitting EDM track that’ll get your adrenaline pumping. With intense synths and powerful drums, this track is perfect for all types of party scenes. The song combines elements of melodic house, techno, and various EDM styles, infusing them with a captivating progressive twist.”

Combining Progressive House and Deep Tech genres, Ed Unger’s latest music release, “Hit Reply,” is set to captivate audiences worldwide. The lyrics of “Hit Reply” are both introspective and empowering. With lines like “Caught a vision as time passed by, we will fly,” and “Don’t ask why, it’s not the time, get past the pain, take it away, look to the sky, hit reply,” Ed Unger invites listeners to reflect on their own personal journeys while encouraging them to embrace change and overcome obstacles. “Hit Reply” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.


"Big hitting track from Ed. Hit replay too.."
Sony Latin - New York - USA
"Full support for this track, in the show."
Acxit Web Radio - Montreal - Canada
"Creatively mixed with echo vocals."
- Dance Radio Network USA
"Great release!  Downloading to consider for inclusion in upcoming episode of The Abyss radio show."
DJ Jon Hodgson - The Abyss radio show
"Full support for this track, in the show."
DJ Bryant - Global Vibes - Maxdance - NY - USA
"Great vibes here."
Toneville Records

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