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Breaks of Stillness

by Ed Unger

Breaks of Stillness

By Ed Unger

Behind the

From your home to the dance floor to the car to a dance studio, be yourself and enjoy the music scenery in your current season of life. Create your stillness and dance towards your breakthrough. The motion in your movements and the soul in your stillness.

On “Breaks of Stillness,” Everything feels absolutely balanced, with a stark attention to details. It’s like every instrument is a color, and every note has the right emphasis.

Ed Unger is an accomplished producer with a focus on combining the melodies of house music with the dynamics of the prog scene. His sound is a great example of what happens when there is a special alchemy in music production. It’s all about the details, and the more care you put into it, the better the full picture.

His most recent release, “Breaks of Stillness,” is loaded with great grooves and hypnotic arrangements, which encourage listeners to dance and forget about their obstacles in life. The melodies are big and transcend the classic boundaries of progressive house. Each element is tailored to perfection, in order to achieve a balanced, forward sound, that hits the mark in every way.

Ed Unger has a very uplifting production style, and “Breaks of Stillness” has a cathartic, liberating sound. Find out more about Ed Unger, and don’t miss out on “Breaks of Stillness,” as well as other releases at www.edunger.com


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