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On the debut album, Closer to Heaven, Ed and Jen set out to create a fresh electronic dance project by collaborating between each of their own studios. “We like to pass our tracks back and forth until the song develops a chemistry we both can agree on. I love it because I can create a beat or loop then Jen will write a vocal line, send me the vocals and then I’ll design sounds and create soundscapes around her voice, maybe record some of my vocals.. I never know what’s going to happen – it is so much fun!” Ed says about their collaborative effort.

“We are hugely inspired by our experiences and write about the world around us. What we see, what we feel and how we’re growing as individuals colors our sound and lyrics giving the listener a snapshot of our lives”, says Jen. “We are naturally energetic and silly yet analytical and deep thinkers so our songs are based on the questions we ask ourselves combined with the constant push towards better understanding ourselves and the world around us. We decided in the beginning that we weren’t just going to vent through our music. That we would have a positive and uplifting message no matter what subject we were writing about.”

Ed responds, “I’ve been greatly influenced by the music coming out of Miami and Europe. Trance, electro, and house music is at the forefront of my playlists. I wanted to do music that captured a dance club vibe while honoring classic song structure with a nod to pop music. The way we write music is a collaborative effort but first it’s individually created in each of our own studios. Jen and I like to be alone to vibe and get into our own creative space. We pass tracks back and forth to bang out song ideas, instrumentation, effects and mixing ideas until the song takes on a life of it’s own. After it’s all said and done I sit back and take a listen with the mood lighting and my ears become my eyes, you could say –  I set out for the music to give chills and take you to a place that evokes emotion.”

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1Sunny DayUngerRose3:38$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
2Close your EyesUngerRose3:50$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
3God HealUngerRose4:05$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
4The MomentUngerRose3:36$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
5OpenUngerRose3:24$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
6Taste your DelightUngerRose3:28$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
7Natural BeautyUngerRose3:51$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
8Rising AboveUngerRose3:24$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
9I Never KnewUngerRose3:35$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
10Nothing Left to FearUngerRose3:34$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
11Guardian AngelUngerRose4:07$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
12Generous HeartUngerRose3:53$0.99Download the Song In iTunes
13Closer to HeavenUngerRose4:05$0.99Download the Song In iTunes

01. Sunny Day – The Wind is Whispering Motivation, Determination and Focus.. Are you Listening?
02. Close your Eyes – Expect more, Listen to your heart, Live your Dreams.. Not Internal Pressures..
03. God Heal – Love, Hope, Joy and Peace patiently wait on the other side of pain..
04. The Moment – Euphoric Love or Painful Boredom both are Moments of Memory..
05. Open – A Letter of Music Encouraging a Friend not to give up on Life.. To keep fighting for hope..
06. Taste your Delight – Every Morning I wake to see Beauty of True Love on Her Face..
07. Natural Beauty – Image Never Hides what’s on the Inside…Why Compare what you can’t Change?
08. Rising Above – Ocean Waves Mimic Emotions that take Control of a Perfectly Good Day..
09. I Never Knew – The Discovery of True Love only happens Once… The last time ‘You Just Know It’..
10. Nothing Left to Fear – Love is the only Headache Pill to Rid the Pain of Fear.. Love is the Fuel to Live..
11. Guardian Angel – As the kitchen knife pierced my Wrist at 12 years old I heard a Soft Voice, “Hold On”
12. Generous Heart – Give, and it will be Given to you.. Economic times are a test of the Heart..
13. Closer to Heaven – A Journey out of heartache.. the harsh winter cold.. into a warm blanket of Hope.

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