Love Everywhere
Love Everywhere

With a fun Halloween, also Released is my collaboration with DeeFlash on a song called Love Reigns Down.

It’s one of my favorite songs I worked on with DeeFlash. First seen on Sounds of Summer 4, Love Reigns Down blends vocals with a killer deep tech house vibe and a message that Love Reigns no matter whats happening around us.

Deeflash returns with “I See You Everywhere”, but this time hes bringing the fire with micFreak on the remix. If you missed the initial release of “I See You Everywhere” on Sounds of Summer 4, you wont want to miss it again. micFreaks remix is simply icing on the cake.

Listen & Purchase at the following stores:  Beatport, Junodownload and all your favorite streaming media sites!

  • “Full support!”
    Dvj Niburu (Unstuck Musik / Tauten record)
  • “Nice acid house vibes!!”
    Tariq Ziyad (planet-rave.com Unity Breaks)
  • “I see you everywhere is cool
    Sue La Vie (Jango X / Piso Records / Patent Skillz)
  • “Really like Love Reigns Down”
    Maya (Saturo Sounds / DeepDownDirty)
  • “Track 2 for sure – thanks.”
    Stevie Woo (I_AM_ARCHiTEKT)

Deeflash can be found monthly on Ustream with Preacherman broadcasting their Tapestry nights, a monthly live event featuring some of the best tech house, techno and deep house on the market today. He also has an ongoing series of tutorials on Ableton Live and Maschine available on Youtube.


Deeflash Ed Unger Love Reigns Down
Love Reigns Down

Deeflash and Ed Unger are back with Love Reigns down. First seen on Sounds of Summer 4, Love Reigns Down blends killer vocals with a deep tech house vibe. Included in this release is a stellar new remix by Jarvis and a radio edit for those of you on the go. Don’t miss out on this gem. Available April 15th on iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, and more


1.Deeflash, Ed Unger – Love Reigns Down (Jarvis Remix) [House]
2.Deeflash, Ed Unger – Love Reigns Down (Radio Edit) [Indie Dance / Nu Disco]

MKE074: Deeflash & Ed Unger – Love Reigns Down

Various Artists Retrospectives Vol 2
Great White Throne (Gerwin Koudijs Remix)

Taking center stage on this release is Gerwin’ remix of Dima and Ed Unger’s Great White Throne. When it was originally released, it became an instant favorite of Matt Darey among others. Craig Williams did a stellar remix of Netzik’s Dependance long before going on to work with Green Velvet. Retchid’s take on My Name is House is a crowd pleaser to this day. Throw in the remastered versions of Dave Richard’s White Devil and J&M’s Hold Back and the only thing that would make this release better would be a breaks mix of Deeflash’s Through and Through.

  • “Good release. Nice variation of styles. Favorites are ‘So Cute’, ‘Great White Throne’ and ‘Wakiya’. Love the Techy Vibe of ‘So Cute’ and vocals on ‘Great White Throne’.” – DJ Omni (Transform DJs / Heaven Sound Records / Deeplife Records)
  • “Dl, great tracks, many thanks” – Carlos Pashe (Minus / Light Digital / In4mation Records)
  • “Wicked ep as always. Keep the coming.” – Deep Dementure (Canaan Digital Records / MK837 / Purple Gate Records)
  • “Great works by all. Another strong compilation of MK837?s solid House base.” – DeyHota (Christian Commuter / Sunday Morning Mashup / Spreaker)
  • “Dig ‘So Cute’ & ‘Digital Reaction’ will be playing both.” – Chris Harrington (Uncovered)
  • “A tasty pallet of smooth house that will satisfy the finickiest of music lovers. Plenty of solid beats to dance to.” – Tim Bunch
  • “Michael Montez’s ‘Wakiya’ is awesome!” – DJ Knowledge (Satellite Records)
  • “Fitzpatrick’s’Voices In My Head’ has that bounce that I love , and great vocals.” – Rich Saracino (Groove Box Radio)
  • “This release is quality stuff. Really enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far. Good Tunes, Nice Progressive House Sound beautifully mastered with the dancefloor in mind. Top Notch!!” – DJRYAN™ (FitRadio)
  • “Nice release!” – Zonik the Flame (Radio Encuentro 93.5 FM)

MKE073: Various Artists – Retrospectives Vol. 2 Compilation:
Diving back into the archives Mark the Winged Lion has dug up even more tracks deserving of a second look. Mark also demanded that a couple of his favorites be remastered and a whole new remix commissioned for another of one of his favorites. Here’s a taste of what he found this time.

1. Dima feat Ed Unger – Great White Throne (Gerwin Koudijs remix) [Progressive House]
2. Michael Montez – Wakiya (Original Mix) [Tech House]
3. Dave Richards – White Devil [Tech House]
4. Fitzpatrick – Voices In My Head (Original Mix) [Breaks]
5. Netzik – Dependence (Craig Williams Remix) [Techno]
6. Rikki – Glaitness Park (Original Mix) [Tech House]
7. Deeflash – Through And Through (2014 Breaks Mix) [Breaks]
8. Ben Moore – It’s Been A While (Original Mix) [Breaks]
9. Van Lazarux & Rossene – So Cute (Original Mix) [Tech House]
10. J&M – Hold Back [Tech House]
11. Dirty Delay – Digital Reaction (Original Mix) [Progressive House]
12. Jeremy Kadinger – My Name Is House (Retchid Mix) [Progressive House]

deeflash edunger everything is fine
Everything is Fine

Everything is Fine is a love song with a dark feel and simple message – no matter what we go through, everything is fine cause I love you.

Kicking things off for 2014, Everything is Fine is a massive progressive house vocal track collaboration with tech house producer DeeFlash and singer / songwriter Ed Unger with a remix by tech house master, Teckaiser.

About Deeflash: Chris “deeflash” Reiche produces his own flavor of tech house, breaks, and progressive house, he has released on labels such as Deeplife Records, MK837, and Uncovered. Chris founded MK837 with his buddies Dave Richards and Kevin Oneel. The goal was simple: create a label that honored the label/artist relationship and focused on respecting the artists and building artists up.

About Ed Unger: Currently, Ed Unger is working on new remixes, acoustic guitar / vocal solo material and providing project management, web development, business solutions to clients and also working with the Computer Music Production School helping students learn music production, with the GotchaNoddin sample library business.

sounds for summer lg
Love Reigns Down (Sounds of Summer)

This is a collaboration between DJ and Producer DeeFlash and Ed Unger on vocals making their first release ‘Love Reigns Down’ on the Sounds of Summer Volume 4 compilation by MK837 Records.

Download on iTunes, BeatPort, MK837 and most major download stores.

  • “Awesome release for this coming summer. Love the melodic atmospheres of Complexity, Away In Rome, Pieces, and Space. Love Reigns Down is a solid track with great vocals.” – Dunamis
  • “Great tracks, Dl – Love Reigns Down, , thanks.” – Carlos Pashe (Minus/Stripped/LightDigital/Divert/We Are Here)
  • “Really nice tracks. I love it!” – Katzo (Audio.nl, Mindtours, Multivitamins)
  • “More different styles… i like Complexity and Organix” – DJ SaF (Official) (Phobiq / Crossworld / Sesque)
  • “Retchid – Pieces. Big. Room. Tune. Fill a floor with this gem.” – Reid K
  • “A great collection for the summer. We will be pumping these at our shows. Good job MK837!” – Prodigal Sons
hold on lg1
Hold On

Hold On is another track by Dima feat. Ed Unger Released on MK837 Records. With their last release ‘Great White Throne’ featured on Matt Darey’s Nocturnal podcast, they are making inspiration with catchy vocals and banging house beats.

Download ‘Hold On’ at the following stores: Beatport, Itunes, Junodownload, Djdownload, and all your favorite streaming media sites!

With Support From:

  • 10/10 – “Had a hard time choosing between the original mix and the remix by UngerRose. I ended up making the remix my favorite because I liked the energy of it that still maintained the solemnity of the original. Great vocals from Ed Unger!” – Sam Soza (RadioU)
  • 9/10 – “Great one, big sounds and great vocals!” – Placid (Lightworks, Frisky Radio Staytuned & Cybrix Radio)
  • 9/10 – “Nice work.” – Brain Trick (Sisma Records, Freesound Records, Miniatures Records, Sex Panda Records, Click Musiq Recordings)
  • 8/10 – “Gerwin delivers nice sound. Will play.” – Dan Southward (Pure.FM, ETN.FM) Owlik – Russia – (resident FM) – 4.5/5

Available at most major download stores, and MK837’s WebStore

gwt redux lg1
Great White Throne: Redux

Dima presented us with a deep progressive track with haunting vocals by Ed Unger. MK837’s favorite producers decided to take a stab at remixing the original. Remixes by Deeflash, Gerwin Koudijs, Semper, and Dave Richards.

Download Great White Throne: Redux from iTunes Dima - Great White Throne: Redux
Download Great White Throne: Redux from Amazon.com Dima - Great White Throne: Redux
Download Great White Throne: Redux from eMusic Download MP3s on eMusic
Download Great White Throne: Redux from Beat Port MK837 on Beatport
Download Great White Throne: Redux from Juno Download MK837 on Juno Digital

With Support From:

  • Owlik – Russia – (resident FM) – 4.5/5
  • Giuliano Rodrigues – Brazil – (Dj Felipe Frotta, Dj Help, Orbita Music, Reverbnation, Itunes) – 5 / 5
  • Blusoul – Greece – (Pure fm) – 8 / 10
  • Anton Sever – Ukraine – (Polar Station, Royal Tracks, Frisky, Secret Weapon) – 7 / 10
  • Progress Lovers – Turkey – (Vanilla Club, Imaj Music) – 10 / 10
  • Jerome Robins – Canada – (Perfecto, Stereo, NY Love, Bedrock, Nervous, Play Digital, Little Mountain, Curvve, Boa Nightclub, enSonic FM) – 9 / 10

Available at most major download stores, and MK837’s WebStore

gwt sidea lg1
Great White Throne: SideA

Great White Throne is a sweet track from Dima and it features some haunting vocals by Ed Unger with the message, “Did you really think the sun would rise forever? And the stars will never fade?” MK837 Records has some tight remixes by Science Drop (Deeplife Records) and Blue Room Project (Ascension Records).

Download Great White Throne: Side A from iTunes Download MP3s on iTunes
Download Great White Throne: Side A from eMusic Download MP3s on eMusic
Download Great White Throne: Side A from DJ Download.com Download MP3s on DJ Download
Download Great White Throne: Side A from Audio Jelly Download MP3s on Audio Jelly
Download Great White Throne: Side A from Last FM Download MP3s on Last FM
Download Great White Throne: Side A from Beat Port
Download Great White Throne: Side A from Juno Download

With Support From:
Eryo – Belarus – (Mistique Music, DeepSessions) 4 / 5
Anton Sever – Ukraine – (Polar Station, Royal Tracks, Frisky, Secret Weapon) 9 / 10
DJ Kahuna – United States – (Segment115, Cobalt, Terracotta, Blue Nine) 8 / 10
Mert Onat – Turkey – (deepsoundsfm , proclubinfm, beattunes, club high end, club beyond) 7 / 10
Xaric – France – (SenseFM, StaticProgress, InsomniaFM,Tranceload, PureFM) 8 / 10
Progress Lovers – Turkey – (Vanilla Club) 4.5 / 5
Pascal B – Scotland, UK – (Colours, Arches, Death Disco) 3.5 / 5
DJ Randy G – United States – (DJam Hassan, DJ FM, Playboi, Mike Jones, Cool Kids Ent) 4 / 5
Sergey Miks – Russia – (My Vision, DjStation.ru, VZ Bar & Club) 3.5 / 5
Blusoul – Greece – (Pure.fm, Mistiquemusic, The Sound Of Everything) 8 / 10

Available at most major download stores, and MK837’s webstore.