Just Dance 2014
Shine Just Because (Just Dance 2014)

Download 50 of the hottest EDM tracks of 2014 including Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger’s Shine (Just Because), Wrecking Ball, Counting Stars, This is what it Feels Like, Blurred Lines, Royals, Safe and Sound and more released on Mega Anthems.

Shine (Just Because) is charged with positive energy, this Big Room House release shines with memorable melodic hooks that morph into euphoric chord arrangements with evolving synth textures. Fueled by driving beats and glitzy vocals of Ed, the track explodes with speaker-shaking drop and memorable lyrics. Firing on all cylinders, this radiant, energy-filled banger pulses with the heat straight from Miami’s night life.

Andy Sikorski and Ed Unger are a duo that started their inspiration at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. After touring Miami clubs together and talking music shop, a song collaboration formed a new sound between them with the single Shine (Just Because).