AndySikorski EdUnger Shine Remixes
Shine (Just Because) Remixes

Excited to announce Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger Shine (Just Because) Remixes has been released on Made2Dance Records and features 5 new tracks included from Pablo Artigas, Cedric Roy, Underpressure, Didier Vanelli and an Energy Edit.

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Andy Sikorski and Ed Unger are a duo that started their inspiration at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Florida. After touring Miami clubs together and talking music shop, a song collaboration formed a new sound between them with the single Shine (Just Because). What followed was a collaboration that involved many great stories, late night sessions until the duo settled on the final tune.

1)Shine (Just Because) (Energy Edit)Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger6:08$0.99iTunes
2)Shine (Just Because) (Pablo Artigas Remix)Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger7:26$0.99iTunes
3)Shine (Just Because) (Cedric Roy Remix)Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger5:41$0.99iTunes
4)Shine (Just Because) (Underpressure Remix)Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger5:30$0.99iTunes
5)Shine (Just Because) (Didier Vanelli NuyricanSoul Remix)

Andy Sikorski & Ed Unger9:02$0.99iTunes