Blue Roses

The Blue Roses Electronic album’s style is a combination of hip hop inspired beats, alternative soul, guitar, dark, moody, electronic based with weird subject matter and is the follow up to the debut album Mercy, Justice, Purity originally released under the moniker ‘EDIT’ in 2004. The name EDIT was actually chosen for him by one of his clients while Ed was cutting and pasting vocal tracks for his client during a recording session at Blue Sound Studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

..Inspired by Orbital, Aphex Twin, Meat Beat Manifesto, Future Sound of London, Tricky, Portishead, Frou Frou, Depeche Mode, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, Justin Timberlake, Delirium, Conjure One and so many other great artists, Blue Roses can be described as a style of these electronic artist’s sound scapes verging into a morphed mix crossed with hip hop inspired beats who have been introduced to Lenny Kravitz and carrying an emotional conversation about poetry with the Cure..

As a continuation of the style and sound, the EDIT album is followed up with this 2014 Blue Roses release with more similar future electronic releases planned that have a mixture of electronic, industrial and sound scape moodiness.

Here is the final song list:
1) Blue Roses
2) Games
3) Brighter Day (ft Nhadyne)
4) Her Sun
5) At Home
6) Night in Orbit
7) The Facts
8) No Tears

Mercy Justice Purity
EDIT – Mercy, Justice, Purity

Released in 2004, Mercy, Justice, Purity is Ed Unger’s debut album described as ‘Alternative Soul’ mixed with Electronic, Dance, Rock, and unusual subject matter released under the moniker EDIT.

This is the original bio and write up for the album when it was released:

“St. Louis native, Edward Unger, moved to Atlanta in 1996. Hoping to find a new musical home as well as lucrative ‘Olympics’ employment. Since then, Ed has created a studio in Atlanta, Georgia that offers FREE Songwriting Workshops (Blue Sound Studios), production services, and has advanced to the global community as one of the most affordable music production school’s available. Computer Music Production School.

The name EDIT was actually chosen for him by one of his clients while Ed was cutting and pasting vocal tracks for his client in a recording session and it stuck. Another thing that sticks is his choruses. Fans in Atlanta hear Ed play live solo and acoustic versions at popular venues such as Smith’s Olde Bar and Eddie’s Attic.

EDIT’s music is an ‘Alternative Soul’ mixed with Electronic/Dance, Rock, and unusual subject matter. ‘EDIT’ is an outstanding talent in every aspect of the music business; his songwriting workshops, music training seminars & music school is first class, he’s a partner in the website business (GotchaNoddin.com) who specializes in creating all new sounds and samples for music producers. I have to wonder when he sleeps…”

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Hope lg
Hope (Mix Compilation)

“I did this mix awhile ago inspired by a range of classics and soundscape feeling tracks. Good with wine, tea, coffee outside especially driving or in traffic.

For me, the mood and theme represent a journey of the ups, downs, joys, pains and the best journey I think there is in life… the hopeful journey towards love. Of course there are a million ways to vibe, reflect and perceive so…

Enjoy and send over your comments”